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Since it’s Christmas that means lots of waste and none more than wrapping paper. Wow that’s so wasteful and so unnecessary! Last year I shared my cloth wrapping paper and chalk cloth labels so this year I wanted to share other eco wrapping ideas that I’m using this year. I never use sellotape to wrap gifts (actually I don’t even own any) though sometimes I use stickers to help hold gifts closed so I can wrap them with ribbon.  cloth_waste_nzMy first choice as always is cloth. I loving using old scarves plus some scraps of fabric. I used some ribbon leftover from our wedding to keep the fabric together and then I wrote names on the ribbon. I normally take the fabric back home again too to be reused for another present. So super wastefree!

cloth_eco_nzAnother great way to use cloth to wrap up gifts is making a cloth bag by stitching some fabric together or you can buy fabric bags that can be used over and over again (mum actually bought this felt bag so that I could make a stocking for Gabriel from it). Again I tied it closed with leftover ribbon and wrote a name on it. Pretty pillowcases work well too.

wrapping_eco_reuseI wrapped a bunch of gifts in paintings John had done throughout the year. No need to waste those lovely paintings your kids make. Save them up and use them as special wrapping paper. I used ribbon and a silver sharpie to write the recipient’s name on the package. I got this idea from a girlfriend who sent gifts from Oz in painting from her son. So lovely. Or you could use newspaper or magazine pages that would be cool too.   wrapping_eco_reuseStore bought paper gift bags are fantastic as these bags can be used over and over again. Actually I don’t even think I bought any of these they are ones I received gifts in. If you’re really cheeky (like I am) you can even take them home again after they have been “unwrapped” to be reused again.


After fabric my next favourite substance is metal so of course I want to use metal to wrap some gifts  too. I wrapped a formula tin in cloth (this one will be a drum for Gabriel but you get the point) or you can use super cute old metal tins. You can often get these from second hand shops for very little money. Of course these can be reused or turned into planters.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOr you can simply reuse wrapping paper (old school my mum used to get us to open gifts carefully so we could reuse the paper). This paper is actually from a bunch of flowers I got once which is plasticesque so really easy to reuse (this is actually it’s third time round!).

How do you wrap your gifts? How do you try to reduce your waste?


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