Eco gifts

So wow another year has begun and what a year it’ll be! Let’s make it an eco and waste free one. I want to share the green/ waste free/ eco gifts I bought people for Christmas this (last!!) year. Some years I make my own gifts but this year I bought gifts throughout the year (especially if they were in sale or part of a bulk buy woohoo equals gifts bought early plus cheaper so double win). So that made Christmas shopping very stress free plus it meant I bought very specific gifts with the person in mind who I go the gift for. I love getting/ thinking of gifts and I spend a lot of time deciding what gift I am going to get/ make people.

Eco gifts

eco_gifts_nzecochickFirst up Nicola Galloway’s awesome calendar I love her work I love that she is a nutritionist as well as a chef so you get double awesomeness in one lady! Not only is this calendar made and printed in NZ it is also jam packed full of yummy recipes that come the end of the year you can cut out and keep I’ve already made 3 of the recipes and I can tell you as always Nicola delivers!

eco_gifts_nzecochickAnother eco company I love is U konserve so I bought the boys some new sensational stainless steel straws from Little and loved. I love these straws they are stainless steel and feel heavy and solid plus they have a really thick tube which is just perfect for smoothies. (please watch your kids carefully with these as they are metal tubes!) Don’t forget to pop one in your handbag so you can say no to plastic single use straws when you’re away from home.

eco_gifts_nzecochickAnother fantastic U konserve product I also bought from Little and Loved is this super cool stainless steel coffee cup. I bought myself one earlier this year and so decided to buy them for my folks as well. Pays to keep them in the car so you never get caught out having to use a plastic coffee cup again. You can also use them as waste free containers for cafe leftovers or if you get caught out without a reusable jar when out and about.ecogifts_nz_christmasTo continue on the stainless steel theme (oh how I LOVE metal!!!) I bought Ecotankas. I LOVE Ecotankas they are fantastic quality and just last for years and years, they come in a huge range of styles, colours and sizes.

ecogifts_nzecochickI made this wonderful eco gift pack for my bestie for christmas and her birthday. In this little pack of econess I added Go bamboo pegs and toothbrushes, wooden dishbrush, Rethink star bag and veggie bags, NZ organic wool dryer balls all wrapped up in a cotton Dutch tea towel.

Don’t forget about waste free wrapping/ packing when thinking of eco gifts. I often reuse scarves, fabric, fabric bags or paper bags we’ve been given. I use chalkboard stickers with chalk for labels that I can reuse several times. ecogifts_wastefree_nzecochickI also use cloth bags as the gift bag and of course they are part of the gift too.  I love Rethink NZ bags I’ve personally been using them for years. I LOVE how the bags last for years, are made of organic cotton not to mention how they grow and grow to be able to hold anything you put in them!ecogifts_wastefree_nzecochickI also bought the fantastic pouch products as gift bags. I love their bright colours, I love that they are made in NZ, I love how they fold up nicely and are super easy to use and have with you at all times. Saying no to plastic bags has never been easier if you carry one of these in your handbag/ pocket.

eco_gifts_wastefreeSo those are just some of the cool econess I gave friends and family. There are so many other eco gifts out there it pays to keep your eyes open and buy the gifts throughout the year when you see them to reduce stress and also reduce the I have to buy a gift any old gift. Having a gift box is a fantastic idea I buy gifts when I see them and add them to my gift box making birthdays/ Christmas gift buying an enjoyable eco gift experience.What are your favourite eco gifts to give or make?


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