Easy palak paneer

 I love paneer it’s so super tasty. My favoruite is palek panner.
We make this meal often it is so easy to make especially this cheats recipe.
What you’ll need:
250g paneer
1 packet palak paneer 
300ml water
50g yoghurt
250g fresh spinach
1 can tomatoes
basmati rice
1 onion 
1T tumeric  
To make the paneer: 
Cut the paneer and fry it in butter until it has a crispy coating.
 To make the sauce:
 Steam the spinach and purée in a blender/ food processor. 
Whisk the spice packet into the water.
Add the yoghurt and spinach.
Simmer for seven minutes.
Add the can of tomatoes and paneer.
Cook for another five to ten minutes. 
To make the tumeric rice:
I use a rice cooker so nice and easy.
Cook the onion.
Add rice and water (I make about 5 cups so we can freeze heaps).
Add the tumeric.
Allow the rice cooker to do it’s thing. 
Place the rice in a bowl and add the sauce. 
Then add some cut up coriander on top.
Nomnomnom. I love it!
At some stage we’re going to make this recipe completely from scratch 
including making our own paneer. 
Will let you know how we go when we’re done.
Madeleine  x
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