Early September garden


Being the first day of spring today the garden is really showing its true colours. I’m sharing my garden share collective post for September. All my fruit trees are looking so beautiful. I can’t wait to eat fresh plums, nectarines, figs and peaches (fingers crossed). Of course I have several different varieties of each in the garden. The blossoms are so beautiful and smell great.

I’ve got my potatoes in early this year. I’ve even planted them in the garden like a real gardener rather than just in containers. I’ve planted Cliff Kidneys and Raupi seed potatoes. Cliff Kidney (I call them Cliff Richards haha) are an early variety and so we can eat them for Christmas. Christmas potatoes yummy. Then the other ones we’ll eat a bit later. Yummy I love fresh potatoes. I’ve planted calendula marigolds at the end of the bed as well as a companion plant.
We got a trailer load of mushroom compost so have done the side garden. So far I’ve only put in my red broad beans (late but should still do ok). I still have cavelo nero in the garden from last year but it is now bolting which the bees are enjoying. In the next month I’ll put in spinach, silverbeet, snowpeas, beans and beetroot.
My windowsill crockery garden is going strong.
I have two new gardens this month.The first is an olive grove I’ve planted in the driveway garden. These will be green all year around so provide some nice privacy and fill in the blanks. Plus produce fruit in a few years time.
The other “new” garden is my artichoke patch. There is a Billington plum with a few globe artichokes under it. I’ve also added Jerusalem artichokes (sunchokes) and Chinese artichokes. Last year I grew Jerusalem artichokes in containers and hadn’t eaten them till a few days ago. They are so yummy so I’ve moved them to the main garden and I’m very happy for them to run rampant in the garden.
The garden is looking very spring like. I can’t wait to get some seedlings and seeds more in the garden. I plan to add my leafy greens and I’m learning to espalier trees so am adding some more fruit trees to the garden. Will also get another trailer load of mushroom compost before I can put more plants in the other gardens. I’d also like to make a cold frame to give my seeds a great start. The best is yet to come…
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3 thoughts on “Early September garden

  1. September 2, 2013 at 3:42 am

    Garden looks good, I have heaps of weeding to do but the ground is so wet still here.

    1. September 2, 2013 at 10:03 am

      I have loads to still do too. Mum did some today which was lovely Mx

  2. liz
    September 3, 2013 at 6:20 am

    I have never heard of either of those two varieties of potatoes you are growing, I do however look forward to seeing what they look like when they are dug up, I guess I will be waiting a few months yet.
    I am still not a huge fan of artichoke in any variety, I guess I need someone to cook something really amazing to win me over to even think about planting any. your plants are looking really healthy. Look forward to checking back next month to see how your leafy greens are looking, that’s once they are in of course.