As in yesterdays post everyone knows that recycling is a good way to reduce your household waste but what about the electronics in your house. Our old/ unwanted electronics are sold on trade me, passed onto friends/ family or reused in our home. 

My beloved computer and 
new external hard disk.

My beloved computer is 6 years old and only came with a 40 gig hard drive, it was running really slowly and I never had enough space. So instead of discarding the computer and buying a new one we bought and put in a 150 gig hard disk. Now my computer runs so fast  – it’s like having a brand new computer. We turned the old 40 gig hard disk into an external hard disk.   
 Mr Ecochick is a total geek (I love being married to a geek!) so has a collection of old computers in his office and from the parts of several old computers he made a new computer for his father to use. He also made himself a new computer by buying the new parts he needed for a new faster computer and adding them into an old computer case, so he made a new super fast machine to play games on for only about $700! 

Now all I have to take to the e-cycling day run by our local council are 3 old computer cases and a few bits of completely out dated and un-reusable parts.   

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