Dear Reader,

I have dyslexia or I am dyslexic. So what does this mean? It means sometimes my grammar is muddled and sometimes my sentences don’t make sense. Sometimes I use the wrong word or completely miss out letters or misspell words. But you know what? So what! I don’t let it get me down.

Yeah sometimes I say the wrong thing, sometimes I get confused, sometimes I don’t understand what people are trying to tell me. Guess what I’m a natural at spoonerisms; they really take talent and are so funny! So what?

I haven’t let it get me down. I got a B bursary by working my butt off, I got a BA in classics, art history and I did some Latin. I have a post graduate diploma in TESOL. I worked as an English teacher for five years in seven different countries; including Russia, Poland, Japan, Greece and Turkey. I also have a┬ádiploma in Veterinary Nursing. Also you know what I write a kick ass blog called NZ Ecochick!! I also speak two languages; Dutch and English. I think I’m a rather fantastic friend, wife, sister and mama so dyslexia I won’t let you rule MY life!! So to all of you out there who have been told you can’t do something because you have dyslexia. Poo to that!!! I am in control. I am a lion hear me ROAR!!!

So dear reader bare with me when I leave letters out, or misspell a word as sometimes even spell checker can’t help me, or when I use the wrong word instead of what I am trying to say, or when I rant and don’t make sense. I am trying. I am a lion, roar, roar, ROAR!!!


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