Driveway redo

I’ve been taking over more and more of our garden and now I think it’s transformation/ take over is finally complete! Check out my over grown and very wild driveway that I’ve never really had any interest in. So the drive was sweep occasionally and Mr Ecochick would prune the trees but other than that it just was. The drive really made the house look untidy and the plants went all over the drive which was super annoying and very untidy. So when my MIL was redoing her house she gave us a whole pile of half rounds and this gave me the idea to line the drive with these half round and creating a new garden.
We started by getting a skip bin to get rid of all the concrete we dug out from the side garden earlier this year. We also got rid of heaps of stones and some plants on freecycle. John was super helpful with his little wheelbarrow. So cute. He loves helping. His wheelbarrow loads didn’t always make it onto the skip but he thought it was great nonetheless.
Now all the rubbish was gone Mr Ecochick banged in a whole heap of stakes. Like vampire stakes with a sharp point which made it much easier to smack into the ground (so I’m told). Mr Ecochick put in 6 stakes and then we attached 3 half rounds to make sure we had the spacing right. We used huge self taping screws to attach the half rounds to the stakes. We then continued doing 3 rounds at a time to make sure the stakes were evenly spaced on each end of the rounds.
We then got 3 trailer loads of garden soil to fill the new drive garden. Luckily my MIL was here to help so it didn’t take us long to fill the drive. We only had to buy the stakes, screws and soil since we got most of the half rounds from my MIL and my brother had a few at his house. The last little section we put in a marble stone that we found in the garden when we were cleaning. This stone is a stepping stone to empty the mail box so easy and looks great. 
I’m so happy with my nice, clean, organised drive. I’ve planted medicinal herbs all the way down the drive. At the moment they look a little sad but I’m hoping in a few months time there will be lots of pretty flowers and in years to come these herbs will self seed and will over run areas they have been allocated. Stay tuned for other new gardens. It’s all go here!!
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