Drawer storage

I like things to be organised and tidy; not that my home is always tidy but everything does have it’s place (it just might not be in it!). I hate it when things don’t have a “home” and I find it grates on me until I find things the correct home. 
So every time I walked past my pantry and saw the bulk items just sitting in the bottom of my pantry without a proper home it just made me cringe. I found an old drawer my brother had given me ages ago and popped this in the bottom of the pantry. I then put my bulk goods in there. Wow looks so nice and tidy I love it.  
I used another drawer to organised some of John’s toys.
Crazy how something so simple can make me feel so happy. I love seeing items all organised and with a proper home. I got these drawers from my brother but often you can pick up old drawers from a second hand dealer or trade me for very little money. I can think of so many other things that old drawers could organise; my linen cupboard for one! Or maybe we’ll make some more ourselves just like the crates we made. I’ve put mine on the ground but they could also be hung up or stacked. 
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