Double grafted and dwarf trees

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I love home grown produce; nothing like reaching up to your own tree and eating some fresh fruit directly from the source. I love buying and receiving fruit trees and watching them grown. Our little bunny passed away last week so I decided to buy a dwarf cherry tree to bury her under. I love that you can buy double grafted (or called 2-in-1 trees) and dwarf trees; these trees allow you to have a larger variety of trees to eat from.
Double grafted trees can be two or three different varieties of fruit on the same tree. I don’t have any double grafted trees yet but am looking forward to getting a few of these; I would love a plum with two different varieties on it so that they can fertilise each other, a peach and apricot tree and some other fruit trees. Dwarf trees are miniature trees so that you can have a larger variety of fruit trees and not have these huge trees all over your yard. Most garden centres now sell dwarf and double grafted trees at a reasonable price.
I really want some more fruit trees but we have decided that we need to put a new fence in our backyard first. The fence is currently made up of a hedge that we want gone and then want to put in a wooden fence. Once the fence is up I’ll plant lots of fruit trees but I don’t want any to get broken while we take the old fence out so I’m going to focus on my veggie and herb garden for now.  

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