I’ve been watching a few documentaries lately which I’ve been enjoying so I thought I’d share what I’ve been watching and what I’d like to see. 
I like the story of stuff project. They focus on a range of different topics; including what you can do within your own home, bottled water and cosmetics to name a few. I like the ideas they portray it’s done in a nice simple manner so that even the kids can watch it (John and I watched the first episode together).
I also enjoyed the Food, Inc movie and found it very informative. You can watch the full documentary on documentary addict. This doco really opened my eyes how food is made and processed. I have to say I am super glad I live in New Zealand were our meat (beef and lamb) is free range. After seeing this doco I think buying free range is more important than ever.
Then we watched Supersize me. It’s an oldie but a goodie. We don’t often eat takeaways but this reminded me that not only takeaways are bad for you. It made me rethink some of the other meals we eat.   
I really want to watch forks over knives it looks really informative. It appears to be about how your dietary choices affect your health.
Last but not least I really, really want to watch Our green roadie. This is an amazing looking documentary that follows a mother and son team who travelled around New Zealand talking to 50 eco-conscious and economically viable businesses and lifestyles. You can order your copy from their online store.

I’m always open to watching new documentaries if you have any favourites please let me know. Thanks.

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