Do you take vitamins?

I’m a strong believer in taking supplements. I don’t believe that we can get all we need from our diets.  We try to eat as healthy as possible and being vegetarians this reduces some toxins that enter our bodies. Don’t get me wrong I’m not all my body is my temple and only eat super healthy food. I do love my naughty foods too!
So to make up for short comings in my diet I take supplements. I take a multivitamin, iron pills (I always have crap iron not just because I’m a vegetarian it’s a family thing) and flax oil. Little John also take a multivitamin as I think this only adds to his health and well being (he just loves his chewable vitamins).
Whether you take vitamins or not is completely up to you personally I think they can’t harm as your body will expel the excess/ unneeded vitamins. Vitamins can get very expensive fast but like most things you get what you pay for. Buy the best quality vitamins you can afford. Buy natural ones not avoid synthetic ones and if you can afford them buy organic.
I feel so much better when I take my vitamins and I can really tell if I’m not taking my vitamins or not. I have more energy and also my state of mind is healthier.  
Do you take vitamins? or do you think they are a total waste of money?
Madeleine  x
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