Ditch the chemicals

GUL FB Challenges 160x160.inddWelcome to week one of Green Urban Livings Autumn challenge. Week one is all about ditching the chemicals! There are plenty of ways you can ditch the chemicals in your life. So I thought I’d share some of the the different ways we ditch the chemical in the NZ Ecochick household.

Ditch the chemicals in the kitchen

Chemical free food storage

Chemical free bench cleaning

Tin foil substitute

Dishwashing powder

Cleaning your dishwasher

Cleaning your microwave

Sparkling glasses in your dishwasher

Removing sticky goo from jars

Sterilizing jars


Cleaning toilets naturally

Mama pads


Two hour bread

What oil to cook with?

Grow your own organic vegetables

Double chocolate ice cream

Make your own yoghurt

Metal drink bottles

Free range eggs


Lavender body scrub

Natural acme remedies

Calendula coconut cream

Bee balm

Lavender body wash

Circulation bath

Coconut body bars


Chemical free baby

Second hand baby

Green your baby

Baby wipes solution

Nappy rash cream

Natural teething helpers

Botty balm

Washing cloth nappies


Using vegetable oils for general cleaning

Cleaning with baking soda

Green cat litter

Use cloth

Chicken worming

Cleaning marks off walls

Baking soda in your vacuum cleaner

Tree and pot sealer

Reliving heart burn naturally

Natural cough reliever

Repel flies naturally

Using glass

Using lemons for cleaning

Soapnuts laundry liquid

Deterring ants with cinnamon

Metal drink bottles

These are just some ways that we reduce the chemicals in our life. Chemicals aren’t just about what your cleaning with, it’s also what you’re eating and wearing and putting on your skin and in your mouth. So join the challenge today and ditch the chemicals too.


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