Displaying your child’s art

I’ve been doing lots of decluttering and crafting as I want to get as many project completed before I go back to university in a few weeks time. Don’t you just love getting projects done especially if they are ones that have been on your list for ages?!

One of my little craft projects¬†was displaying John’s paintings that he did at kindy. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and ten minutes later the project was finally complete!! Why do I put things off when they don’t take long at all!!?


I took an¬†old frame where the glass had got broken (means the frame is pretty much useless). I removed the backing and attached the frame to the wall with a nail. Then got a drawing pin and a super cute bull dog clip. I then attached John’s new painting he had done the day before. Viola lovely free rotating modern art display.

children_art_frameI love that I can see John’s art on display and the great thing is when he does a new painting I can simply take out the old one and put up the new one for a constantly changing wall art. Plus I love that this project cost nothing and used up a useless frame that would otherwise have gone into someone’s fire or to the tip.

I do often wonder what to do with all John’s paintings? Sometimes I use them to wrap gifts in, or use them as cards. Some really special ones I’ve either decided to keep or scanned. How do you display your child’s art? and what do you do with it?


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