Dehydrating fruit

My mother in law and I both got dehydrators – all very exciting! So yesterday I cut up some apples, feijoas and mangoes in preparation to dehydrate. I blended a tin of fruit salad and pears to make fruit leather from. I put the dehydrator on and then rotated the racks every 3 or 4 hours (next time I’ll put the machine on during the day no fun at night!). 
Result: it took a lot longer than I thought it would. About 11 hours in total – I’m not too sure if this is actually cheaper than buying dried fruit. Though it’s nice that I know what is in the fruit and that it has no preservatives or extra sugar added. I think it would only really work out cost effective if you have the fruit for free or bought it when it was dirt cheap in season.  The fruit was dried but not the whole way through but I couldn’t leave it any longer. It was very yummy though I’m not too sure how long the fruit will keep for since it’s still wet. Next time I think I’ll dry it off a bit before putting it in the dehydrator. Will buy some muesli so I can make some muesli bars. Yummy.

Update 1:  actually I miss calculated and the cost of the batch was actually much less than I thought. Thanks to Mr Ecochick who worked out that the electricity cost was only $1 per session rather than the $9 that I had worked out. So I think the dehydrator does work out to be cost effective especially when some of the front is home grown.
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