Decluttering again

I’ve been tidying and decluttering again it’s quite addictive getting rid of all the stuff I don’t need in my life. I’ve got two boxes of books to go to the second hand shop, one box of stuff to go to the Hospice shop and three boxes to go into the attic. One box of cardboard and a huge bag of paper to recycle. 
I bought some big plastic storage boxes to put in the attic; they are full of John’s old baby clothes that he no longer fits – aww my little man will be one next month!! It’s all gone so fast! So sad that he no longer fits all his cute clothes, I can’t believe how tiny they are!! 
I’ve still got more decluttering to do. I have cleaned out one shelf and have now got myself a sewing/ craft’s shelf. Very exciting having all my crafts in one place. I’ve got a brand new sewing machine too which I’m very excited about. Actually it’s brand new for me but it was given to my mum when she was 21! It’s a great basic machine perfect for me as I’m only a baby sower so it has everything you need it to do. Now just to get a NZ plug on it so that I can use it and get on with all those crafts that have piled up. Onwards and upwards.   
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