December Moon tails

We had a really quiet morning as mum and dad had to go out so us “kiddies” got to relax around the apartment and get the little man ready for an afternoon out. So as soon as mum and dad got back we were off. Where were we off to? Haarlem!! Woohoo my birthplace. Such a beautiful town. Was about three quarters of an hour drive from Amstelveen to Haarlem – so beautiful with everything heavily covered with lovely fluffy white snow.
Haarlem – view from V&D

We missed the car park building so after taking the mickey out of dad as we had to drive around in a big circle (damn those one way streets) but got to see some more of the lovely city. We parked the car 2 levels UNDER ground! Creepy. There was even large clumps of snow this far underground; I guess it came off people’s tyres? The car park building and parks were super narrow – I would not have liked to have parked there mind you I hate car park buildings anyway; especially after a certain incident a week after I got my new car – 6 years later my car still bears to scars of that scary moment. I totally understand why everyone in Holland drives teeny tiny cars as apposed to NZ where we all have beasts! Also the fuel bill! €1.61 per litre vs NZ$1.91.

By accident we came across a children’s store that sold Sophie the giraffe. I had to buy two for some girls back home. I just love Sophie. Well John does too. I don’t know how I came across her but she is fantastic. John plays with Sophie all the time. She is so cute and was the first toy John really played with.   
The feast!!!
Lunch time!! What a feast we had too! We went to Vroom and Dreesmann (V&D); a fancy department store that’s a cross between Farmers and Kirks. They have an amazing food court where they have all different sections that sell every food you could possibly want. I had pizza and chips. We had all intended to buy lunch and share it so we ended up with a mammoth feast and had to take the salad home. The food court is on the top floor and so you get amazing views around Haarlem. After gorging ourselves it was shopping time. We did some shopping at V&D I got very excited and bought myself some Nijntje clothing! So cute.
 We then walked around the lovely city of Haarlem, looking at all the amazing architecture. Haarlem has been around since about the 12 century but was first mentioned in history in the 10 century!! That’s a long time ago! We spent several hours just looking in all the tiny streets, peering in people’s houses and even walked past the red light district; which of course every good Dutch city has. We then had a cup of coffee as in my family you can only go for a few hours and then we have to have a coffee break. We went to the Grand cafe Brinkmann; it is just beautiful with high ceilings, mirrors around all the walls and beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  The café had a grand ball room upstairs that my parents used to go to; they were a grand affair.      
After a bit more walking we decided to go home via a trip down memory lane. So past the houses my parent’s lived in and one that I lived in when we lived in Holland. Sadly we had been out too long and the poor little man got very upset and was inconsolable and ended up throwing up and getting fluid in his lungs. Was very sad that I could not help my little man, luckily Mr Ecochick could calm him down and he went to sleep when we got home. After a very restless night as little John woke up a few times and had a bit of a fever, he seems fine this morning so we’ll stay home.
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