Found a new blog today I love reading other people blogs. Hazeltree Farm’s blog is about de-cluttering your home/ life as well as living a sustainable and simpler life. Reading other people’s blogs is great as I find reading what other people are doing in their lives challenges me to stay on track and also to learn new ways to live the way we want to live.


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Hazletree Farm’s blog got me thinking – I think we’re on the right track but I know we can be more sustainable and we’re working our way there. I’m now more careful about what products come into the house and what we do with items when we’re finished with them. I hadn’t thought about the stuff already in the house, in the cupboards and in the draws. So I thought I would challenge us to de-clutter our house and get rid of some “crap” that is already in our place. I think I’ll do a room or a cupboard at a time and give things away on freecycle, take things to the hospice shop or if it’s valuable sell it on trade me. I think it’s time to get rid of some clutter in our home and not replace it with new things. So first to be chopped will be the linen cupboard.



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