Day 3: Something you have to forgive yourself for.

I thought I better do some more on the 30 days of truth considering I’ve only done two days of it! Guess I have to forgive myself for that as well. I’m pretty good at forgiving other people and moving on letting bygones by bygones as they say but like most people I’m super harsh on myself. So many times I’ve beaten myself up for days or even years later over something that I would easily have forgiven another person for. Why are we so harsh on ourselves? As they say we’re our own worst enemy.  
Some things to forgive myself for: I often say things without thinking and so things come out much harsher than I mean them too. Note to self; think before you speak. Forgive myself; it’s ok.
John will still love me even if I don’t read him a story EVERY single day. Though maybe I just need to fit that in better? Forgive myself; there are only so many hours in a day.  
Mr Ecochick will still love me even if I have a bad day or days. Need to be nicer sometimes even if I’m having a bad day. Forgive myself for being a grumpy cow.
Words in my head I’m so super harsh on myself (though this has been discussed on day 2 of days of truth).
I think the biggest thing I have to forgive myself at the moment is my baby weight gain. I’d love to blame John and the pregnancy but the truth is it’s my own fault and I’ve accepted that and now as of last week I’m moving on and have done exercise everyday and have lost 2 kgs already.  So I’m on the road to forgiveness.
Mostly though I have to forgive myself for the fact that I didn’t ring oma that night when I was going to and she died the next day. I do so really wish I had rung her that night. Sadly the letter I posted her the week easier didn’t arrive in time either if only I had sent it a few days easier the mind says – at least I did write and often is all I can say.  Our trip to Holland has helped with this guilt and I almost forgive myself.
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