Day #2 – Love thy self

A hot topic as everyone finds it so much easier to criticize themselves than to love thy self. When I was younger and people would have to say what do you love about yourself? I would say I love my pinkies. He he so silly I know but they are kind of cute. A strange thing I do love about my physically self are my feet – most people hate feet but I like mine; I call them “real” feet; the second toe is longer than the big toe. It’s a family thing (Mr Ecochick’s are even longer than mine!) I’m so glad to say that little John has “real” feet too!  
On a serious note I do love my passion. I am a very passionate person which has often got me in trouble but makes me feel alive. I used to be super feisty but I am a bit better at keeping it in check now-a-days though I have to say I like my feisty nature it means I get things done and don’t get stepped on, though at times it would be great if I was a little more tactful.
I love that I’m loyal to family and friends. Sometimes a little over protective but hey it’s much better now that I’m no longer a teenager and at high school.
Mostly though, I love that I’m romantic and a dreamer. As they say this keeps love alive and it means my life is always interesting and never boring. To tell you the truth I’ve never been bored in my life I think this has to one of my greatest accomplishments; there are so many exciting things to do in life that I just don’t have time to get bored.    
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