My Darling Lemon Thyme’s amazing wholefood cookbook

I’ve had Emma Galloway’s amazing new cookbook for just under three weeks now and wow this book has changed my life! A bold statement I know but I truly believe it’s change my life. Just ask my mum she’d totally agree with me. So why the bold statement? Well before I had this book in my life I only ever cooked when I saw a recipe that inspired me or if I was in the mood for a specific meal. Mr Ecochick did all the rest of the cooking. Well not anymore. I now pull out Emma’s book pretty much everyday and make at least one or two or three recipes from her book every single day! Emma’s cookbook is the first cookbook I’ve ever sat down and read from cover to cover. Because of this book I have gained so much confidence in my own ability to cook and put wholesome meals together for my family.


My Darling Lemon Thyme—Recipes from My Real Food Kitchen (Harper Collins, NZ- 2014)

I have been vegetarian for 20 years and thought I ate healthy but only when I really started looking into nutrition I realized that we were relatively healthy but we were not eating for optimum health. A little while later we decided to go gluten free to see if we could cure Mr Ecochick and Gabriel’s eczema.

Cooking vegetarian and gluten free can be a challenge well just in the nick of time Emma’s amazing book arrives on my doorstep and all my problems were solved. From Emma’s book I learnt what gluten free flours to use when and how through her fantastic first chapter on pantry ingredients. I’m no longer stressed about what to cook for dinner or when friends pop over I can quickly whip up some amazing chocolate coconut cupcakes or blueberry and banana breakfast muffins or a dark chocolate, buckwheat and pear loaf. Yep they are all as good as they sound!

Now whenever I have the oven on for a meal I also whip up some muffins or a loaf and pop that in too. Before Emma’s book I could never have thought of making three dishes for a weekday meal!; sweet and sour lemongrass tempeh, warm lentil with sweet and sour cabbage and parsley salad and a chocolate avocado tart for desert. Now I find it exciting and look forward to making dinner.

I have made so SO many of Emma’s amazing creations (about a third of her recipes and several of them several times already) her recipes are so clearly explained and accompanied by the most beautiful photos. With Emma’s clear instructions her recipes are so easy to make. I love that she has a short story to accompany her recipes and has wonderful notes that give extra information/ tips about recipes. It’s like looking into Emma’s life and getting a sneak peak into her world and family life.

Every recipe that I’ve made I’ve loved and would make again and again. Some of my favourite recipes that I’ve made several times already are blueberry and banana breakfast muffins, sweetcorn and basil fritters, blackberry, apple and hazelnut crumble, pizza with chilli greens bocconcini and olive salsa, baked butterbeans with tomato and feta, roast cherry tomato quiche with chickpea crust but my absolute favouritre recipe is her pickled carrots. I now make a quadruple batch and have this in my fridge at all times as it goes so well with some many meals hot or cold.


Quiche with chickpea crust with pickled carrots.

Thank you Emma for this amazing cookbook it has changed mine and my family’s lives. My mother in law wants a copy now too. I think every home should own a copy of this cookbook. It’s not just for vegetarians, it’s not just for gluten free people it’s a cookbook for everyone who wants to eat real food. So grab your copy today.


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