Cruelty-free week 2013

“On average around 300,000 animals per year are used in experimentation, testing and teaching in New Zealand – from cats and dogs to rabbits, deer, mice, rats, fish, birds, pigs and guinea pigs. In 2009 a total of 297 111 live animals were experimented on. 55 per cent were killed or died as a result of the experiment.” SAFE
I hate animal testing it is cruel and super unnecessary!!! Animal testing is the whole reason I became vegetarian. I first read an article on what was done to animals in the lab during animal testing and haven’t bought a product that has been testing on animals since. In this day and age there is NO need to test any products on animals unless of course they are made from a chemical cocktail which you have to wonder why you are putting this on your largest organ anyway.
It is cruelty-free week which is a great time to look at the products you have in your home and are putting on your body. There are many fantastic companies out there who don’t and never have tested on animals. Safe have made the safe shopper guide which is a list of companies who don’t test on animals or you can download a copy of the safe shopper guide to carry in your wallet.
What can you do? The best way to help ban animal testing is with your wallet. Boycott all companies who test on animals. You can also sign this petition to be sent to Prime Minister John Key to demand to have animal testing banned in New Zealand just like has been done in the EU.
You can also take part in Bare Your Face Day – 19 July 2013. This is a day to start fresh. If you find the products you own are from companies who test on animals make this the day you start afresh and buy and use new products from companies who don’t test on animals. Please speak up for those who can’t. You’ll sleep better at night I know I do.
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