Cracking a coconut

At the supermarket or markets you see some cool fruits and often you can see these furry whole coconuts looking so yummy but also they look so daunting. I thought everyone knew how to open these but as it turns out that doesn’t seem to be the case so I thought I’d share how to buy a fresh coconut and open it for the yummy goodness inside. coconut_crack_whole Chose a coconut that sounds like it has milk inside when you shake it. Once you get it home; get a hammer and a nail. Find the three circular indentations and hammer a nail right through each circle through the shell until you get into the flesh.

coconut_crack_wholeOnce you’ve punched a nail through all the circles pour the milk inside into a glass for later.

coconut_crack_wholeOnce you’ve got as much milk out as you can get your hammer and gently tap the shell in the middle between the circles and the pointed end. Warning do this outside on the concrete. Gently tap the shell working your way around the coconut turning the coconut as you go. This should only take a few taps maybe going round once or twice.

coconut_crack_wholeThe coconut will start to crack nicely in two.

coconut_crack_wholePour out the last of the milk into a glass before you separate the two halves.

coconut_crack_whole You will be left with a glass or so of yummy coconut milk. You can use this for cooking, making ice cream, putting in a meal or drink it.

coconut_crack_wholeYou now have two beautiful coconut halves ready for you to eat and enjoy.

coconut_crack_wholeOpening the coconut is the easy part. The hard part is getting the flesh out. To get the coconut flesh out I use a sharp knife to cut the flesh and kind of flick the flesh out. Often I go round and eat straight from the coconut shell by cutting and flicking the flesh out.

coconut_crack_wholeOr for getting out bigger pieces try poking your knife between the flesh and the shell and prying the flesh away. You generally get bigger pieces this way.

coconut_crack_wholeOnce you’ve cut your coconut open and eaten as much of the fresh flesh as you want simply pop the two halves together again and put a rubber band around the coconut and pop in the fridge.

coconut_crack_wholeSo a fresh coconut will give you yummy flesh, coconut milk, and some cool shells to play with. The flesh of a fresh coconut has many uses you can eat it fresh, you can dry the flesh for later, make coconut milk, you can even make your own coconut flour. So next time you see a coconut you’ll want to pop it open and have a play. You’ll never look at the brown shells the same again. Enjoy.

What do you like to do with fresh coconuts?


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