Cooking corn

Fresh corn is so super yummy. Especial when you pick it and eat it straight away. Someone once said you should walk out to the garden to pick corn but you better run back!! Ha ha. Last year I grew red strawberry popcorn. It was good fun but didn’t amount to any popcorn. This year I’m growing inca rainbow corn. I’ve never eaten this but it looks so pretty already. All the silks are different colours; some are red (like the photo below), and some are yellow. I know sometimes people grow this corn to dry and look pretty but I do intend to eat it. I hear it tastes better than yellow corn. Time will tell. corn_cooking_microwaveSo now you have your lovely fresh corn (nothing like fresh corn on the cob so yummy nomnmnom). Such a great snack for lunch, afternoon tea or part of dinner. We’ve always boiled our corn with some salt but then at my MIL’s place she whipped up some corn in four minutes flat! Best corn I’ve ever tasted too. It helped that it was straight off the stalk so was fresh, fresh, fresh! So how do you get this amazing corn too?

corn_cooking_microwaveReally simply. Leave your corn in its husk and pop it in the microwave for four minutes. Then dehusk and rub on plenty of butter. Enjoy. One will not be enough. The photo looks so life like don’t lick your screen!

Also if you buy/ grow too much corn you can simply throw it in the freezer for later. Leave the husk on and just pop it in the freezer. Then throw it in the microwave to eat. And if you let it get past it’s best and it gets dry and a little slimy simply open the husk up and give it to your (or a friend’s) chooks or rabbit. My girls go nuts for corn. I often buy some from the bargain bin that’s all yucky. You can hang it up and watch them jump it is very entering!


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