Cookbooks organisation

While I was making coffee this morning I decided to organise our cookbooks. We have a lot of books, some of which we use all the time and some of course we hardly ever use. The books often fall off the shelves, look a mess and are a pain to get to so it was time to deal to them. Poor Mr Ecochick was wondering what happened to me and his morning coffee.
So I pulled everything off the shelves and sorted the cookbooks into general cooking on the top shelf.
 Baking and bread cookbooks n the bottom shelf.
Looks so much better. I used some old metal bookends that I had lying around to keep the books on the shelves. I put the most used books at the front for easy access. Mr Ecochick’s favourite and go to book or if he could have only one book is¬†Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook Companion. Mine is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall River Cottage Veg Every Day! Loving the tidy and organised look.


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