Container gardening

Beautiful day here in Wellington so I thought I would do a spot of weeding. I have a large section (Mr Ecochick tells me it’s about 3x5m of course I had to ask him as I really don’t know my measurements; I don’t even know where north is – I’m such a girl!) of raised garden that is now seriously over grown with weeds that I want to turn into another veggie garden.
I like that I have lots of space to grow veggies but I am also growing plants in pots. So if you don’t have much room or want an easy way to grow veggies or herbs containers are a great way to go. I started with a few herbs on the window sill then I planted some herbs in pots which have now grown to more herbs in pots with easy access to the kitchen. For even easier access we still have a basil plant on the window sill in the kitchen. 
I’ve also hung up four hanging baskets; one with tomatoes and three with strawberries. Not to mention the fantastic project I found for turning an old pallet into a veggie garden. I have three washing machine inners that I’m growing potatoes and yams in. Container gardening is rewarding and easy to move around if you move house. As you can see there are loads of great ways to grow plants in containers. So give it a try.
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