Compost tumbler

We made a compost tumbler for my sister in law for her birthday last year. This tutorial and information/ idea comes from Janet Luke’s amazing Green Urban Living
You’ll need:
A table of some type 
A plastic food grade drum
4 castor wheels
galvanized hinges
1 galvanized hasp and staple latch
1 carabiner 

Mr Ecochick made a small table out of old fence posts we had lying around. You could use a wooden plank for the wheels to be attached to it doesn’t really need to be very high off the ground. 
I bought a plastic drum off trade me. This one wasn’t food grade but it had ethanol in it which has now evaporated.  
Attach the castor wheels to the table. 

For the door of the compost bin draw a square on the drum.
Drill several holes at the corners of the square.
Use a jigsaw and cut the door out.

Screw the hinges to the door and attach to the drum.
Screw the latch on the other end of the door to keep the door closed. 
Keep the door closed with the carabiner.  

Drill large holes all the way around both ends of the drum for air holes. 

Put your completed drum on your table, add your garden waste and turn away.
Put the tumbler in a sunny spot and keep moist.
Turn the tumbler every day and in a months time you’ll have compost.  

Here is a fantastic video from Janet showing you how to make and use the compost tumbler. 
Such a simple but effective idea! Happy gardening. 

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