Compost bin

I’ve been deplasticing our home 
(yes I made that word up isn’t it cool?). 
Slowly I’ve been exchanging plastic items in our home for more durable items.
My latest victim is our compost bin. 
For the past year and a half this old ice cream container has faithfully held our kitchen scraps in ready to be put in the green bin.
I’ve been looking for a ceramic or metal compost bin but hadn’t found anything I liked. 
I hate it when I know what I want but cant find it!
I found this cute hand made casserole dish for only $10.
The upside is that this dish is super cute, has a lid, is second hand and is small.
The great thing about it begin smaller than I thought it was is that it gets emptied regularly so nothing grows in the bottom.
The downside is that it is small and has to get emptied regularity.  

What do you use for your compost?
Madeleine x
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