Coconut body bars

I found these wonderful lotion bars on Miss Muffet by Christina and just knew I had to make them for Christmas. It was so funny that when I found this post on Miss Muffet as I have the same moulds that she used. It was meant to be! 
These body bars were easy and fun to make. 
Just a note when using silicon moulds it is best to put them on a solid tray or in a place that you don’t have to move them until the liquid has completely solidified!
What you’ll need:
100g coconut oil
100g olive or almond oil
75g beeswax
Essential oil(s) of your choice – I used lavender and rosemary (yummy)

Put the oils and beeswax in a pan and heat gently until all the oils are mixed and liquid. Stay near by as this doesn’t take long. 
Take off the heat and add the essential oil(s).
Pour the liquid into the moulds and add glitter if you wish.
Leave the moulds in a cool place overnight or for a few days to completely solidify before gently removing from moulds.

These bars are lovely and smooth and make your skin feel great. The oils have a very low melting point so store in a cool place. I kept mine in the fridge before I gave them as gifts. Keep out of direct heat and sunlight. 

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