I love having John in our room and at times in bed with us. He has  slept in our room ever  since we bought him home from the hospital. I love hearing him breathe and the little noises he makes while he’s sleeping. It also means when he wakes up and is hungry or needs something we can hear him before he starts crying and gets too upset. He’s now 3 months old and sleeps through the night (has done since he was about 3 weeks old) but I’m not ready to put him into his own room yet, I so love having him in our room. 
You would think having the baby in our room means that you’re constantly awakened and listening to their every move but I find that’s not the case at all. When we first bought him home I heard every sound he made and woke up whenever he whimpered but now I’m so used to him sleeping in our room something I don’t even hear him at all. It’s just a really loving feeling having him sleep near me. He does have his own lovely room and we will move him into that room I’m guessing before he’s 6 months old or when he needs to sleep in his cot whichever is first though at the moment I’m not quite ready to let him go.  
He also loves sleeping in our bed. During the day when he takes naps he doesn’t really like to sleep in his bassinet he loves to sleep in our bed, in the playpen or in his helping stool. Sometimes at night he sleeps in our bed mostly because he’ll get hungry and I’ll feed him lying down and then we all fall asleep. Either myself or Mr Ecochick will wake up and put John back in his own bed. I have to say though it’s so lovely having John sleep next to me or in the crook of my arm. Feels so special.
While Mr Ecochick was away the last week for work John pretty much slept with me everyday night. I just loved it. Made me feel so close to him. John and I went away for a few days to a batch to visit my mother in law and we don’t own a portacot so again he just slept in the double bed with him. I know that everyone tells you not to co-sleep as it’s so dangerous however I personally don’t feel this is completely true. I mean when John is in bed with me even when I’m asleep I’m fully aware that he is lying there and feeling him breath and the warmth of his little body against me is the most amazing feeling in the world. Brings out the mother lion in me.
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