Cloth wipes

Now that I had my nappies sorted I hadn’t really thought any more than that until my girlfriend mentioned cloth wipes. She said that you can save about $500 a year if you use cloth wipes. I am ALL for saving money. Not to mention reduce my waste. Especially baby waste wow babies can produce a lot of waste it you don’t use cloth.

Like my nappies I wanted organic cotton, bamboo or hemp for my wipes. I thought I’d have a go at making my own wipes. I mean I haven’t really sown before but how hard can it be to overlock some squares?
My wonderful Ecomoon
bamboo wipes

My mother can make anything and I’ve helped her plenty of times so I figure it won’t be that hard. However, finding the material to sew turned out to be the difficult part and also at a price that made it worth making my own. So I found a woman on trade me who made wipes cheaper than I could buy the material. She made me some beautiful hemp and bamboo ones.

Later from my favourite store Ecomoon I bought some organic bamboo velour ones and these are my favourite. I do so love bamboo velour. Amazing product! It’s really soft on baby’s skin, cleans so easily and stays looking fantastic. I recommend these to everyone now as my wipes of choice. Once I’ve used them for a nappy change I just throw them in the nappy bucket with the dirty nappies. No big deal.
I use the white wipes for nappy changes and the red ones for face or hands. Though I wash them all together along with my nappies so not sure what a difference it makes but it seems like a good idea? 

Update 24/06/2013; three years on and two children later I still only ever use my cloth wipes and they still look amazing after being used every single day for 3 years. I still don’t see any need to replace these any time soon they are still in great condition. Cloth wipes are well worth making or spending the money on getting bamboo velour as they really stand up to the test of time and wash well and still work as well as the day I got them. Cloth wipes much as cloth nappies are just a normal part of our life now I can’t imagine ever spending money on disposable wipes. I also use a wipes solution with my cloth wipes. 

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