Cloth toilet paper

Some of you will think eww and double ewwwww. I’ve been using cloth toilet paper for a while but due to the renovations and not having a washing machine I briefly stopped using cloth toilet paper. I now have my washing machine again so out comes my beloved cloth wipes, I have missed them I do so love cloth!

So the truth; I use little cloth squares that I bought from Ecomoon. I only use the wipes for number ones I still think it’s a bit gross to use them for number twos. I use cloth wipes for John just not brave enough for myself. I’ve since also made some more squares out of fluffy cotton that I overlooked into square-like shapes.

I keep the cloth wipes in a cute container that I was given a gift in. Once the wipes have been used I put them in a chamber pot my mum had and then I throw the whole lot in the wash; when John was little it went in the with nappies now it just goes in with our clothes. No big deal at all.

Having used paper toilet paper for the last few months and now going back to my cloth wipes I much prefer my cloth wipes. No bits of paper stuck to your bits!! Ha ha. Using cloth wipes saves so much money (I found we went through heaps more toilet paper when I wasn’t using cloth!); not to mention the environmental impact of reducing my toilet paper consumption and you don’t need to flush the toilet every time you go. Don’t worry I still have toilet paper (we buy recycled paper – recycled from office waste not toilet paper!) in my home too so if you come over you don’t have to use cloth but feel free if you want to give it a go.


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