Cloth nappies 5 months on…

So how is it all going? Well we’ve used itti bittis on John since he was a week old. For the first week we used Moltex Eco nappies; they are sposies but are made of paper pulp so I figured not as bad for him or the environment as other companies out there but I still hated using them. So as soon as the meconium stopped so did the use of sposies. Have to say I’ve never looked back. I just love using cloth nappies and take great pleasure in using them, washing them, seeing them on the line and seeing John’s little bum covered in fluffy nappy goodness. Mr Ecochick who was sceptical at first with using cloth loves them too and is always showing people his son’s cute fluffy bum.
John in his new silver tutto

I’m also proud to say that a few others have converted to cloth now too; some maybe my direct doing but I think it’s more because they see how easy it is and that it really is no big deal and best of all saves you loads of money.  I love that I can just chuck a load of washing on (and I wash everyday but then hey so do most mothers and they are not using cloth nappies) and there is another two days worth of fluffiness.

My sister in law who was not interested in using cloth at all with her first daughter nor with their second one; though I did buy them a cloth nappy when she was born. Now though 1 year on she is using cloth on her second child. My other niece amazingly toilet trained herself overnight at aged 2 and has never had an “accident” she’ll be 3 in a few weeks. Was really great to see a blue and white spotted limited edition itti bitti sported on my 1 year old niece today. Strange feeling of joy really. Cloth just looks so much cuter. I mean have you every looked at a bum with a sposie on it and thought aww how cute?
So the final verdict 5 months on as I said I love using cloth and can’t imagine life any other way and am almost horrified at the thought of being any other way. Crazy how we all get stuck in our routines whatever they may be.
So my recommendations on what nappies to buy when you are starting from scratch. I would say buy 8 to 10 small SIO itti bitti’s with extra SIO liners and boosters. Then 10 to 12 bitti tuttos (the wonderful new All In One nappy from itti bitti that fits from 3 to 20kgs!) with medium and large SIO liners. You can buy extra tutto SIOs but I personally prefer the delish SIO liners myself I find they are more absorbent. I’m super excited to say that itti bitti will be releasing some limited prints in January and yes I can’t wait!  
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2 thoughts on “Cloth nappies 5 months on…

  1. November 19, 2010 at 6:50 am

    Hi lovely to meet you.
    Thanks for signing up to Moon Tails – should be fun to see how everyone spends their day.

    I did cloth nappies with our babies – loved my line full of clean nappies & how the sun took out any stains that the wash didn’t seem to.

    A busy time for mums.

    Love Leanne

  2. November 19, 2010 at 6:59 am

    Lovely to meet you too. I will enjoy doing the moon trail. Thanks for the great idea! Now to just remember to do it. Mummy brian and all! Glad I’m not the only one who loves a line full of clean washing. All the best. M x