Cloth cupboard backboards

cloth_cupboard_backdropI love making things look pretty and wrapping everything in amazing cloth fabrics or pretty paper are a great way to do this. I first did this on my lovely bathroom medicine cabinets and then my dinning room lamp; the list goes on.. So when I bought my new laundry cabinet I knew I wanted to cover the inside of the cabinet (it wasn’t in great shape) but I wasn’t sure how to do this until I saw an easy tutorial on pretty handy girl. I mean so easy!!! It’s amazing how a coat of paint or some fabric can completely transform the whole look of an item.

What you’ll need to make you cupboard backboards:

a piece of MDF or a board of some type

spray adhesive


you can also use masking tape if you like

cloth_cupboard_backboardRemove the doors and shelves of the cupboard if possible.Measure the inside of your cupboard and cut your board to fit very snuggly leave a small amount of space for the thickness of your fabric but you still want a tight fit. Once your board is cut cut your fabric to size leave about 2-5 cm of extra fabric all the way around your board. Spray both the board and the cloth with spray adhesive.

cloth_cupboard_backboardCover the board with the fabric. I hate this step as it’s so hard to get the fabric even all the way around the board – mine generally isn’t; just make sure there is enough fabric to go around the edges of the board. I basically pick up the cloth and drape it over the board. Not easy when both surfaces are sticky! Smooth down the fabric from the centre of the fabric to the outside.

cloth_cupboard_backboardOnce the fabric is smoothed down on the front of the board turn it over and pull the edges of the fabric and stick down. This may require some more spray adhesive. Run your hand along the edges of the board to get rid of any bubbles. Cut the corners of the fabric to reduce to bulk of the corners. Once the corners are stuck down you can add masking tape if you like.

cloth_cupboard_backboardNow your board is finished. Wow so easy I love quick easy projects!!! Now slide your board into your cupboard. Since we made the board fit tightly it wont fall out and the shelves in front will help keep it in place as well. No glue required.

cloth_cupboard_backboardIf you can’t remove the shelves simply make two boards. Just repeat the process and pop the boards in one at a time. You have to make sure these fit really tightly. I had to bend mine slightly to get them in place. Oh and remember to label which board goes where as these are not easy to get out!

cloth_cupboard_backboardAdmire your brand new cupboard! Wow they looks so pretty and if you want to update the look pop out the board and add a new fabric for a whole new look.


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