Cloth cot rail cover


Man I’m on a sewing roll!! A few days ago we noticed that one certain little baby has taken to biting his cot rail and I mean biting! There are gashes in this cot now! Just as well I have a super clever brother that will be able to get rid of these. Anyway I thought I should whip up a cover for the rail. Out came the fabric box – I now have a 40L plastic box full of fabric! So a google search I did and found Baby Rabies who has a tut on how to make a cover.

In my fabric box I had left over curtain fabric and some backing stuff (I think it’s called quilting fabric?) and sew up a storm I did. John thought it was fantastic when I went into his room to measure the side of his bed. Woohoo a tape measure on my bed thought John. I made 8 ribbons out of curtain fabric and then a long panel of fabric with backing on it. I sewed it all together and there you have a free upcycled cot rail cover!


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