Circulation bath

I love this circulation bath recipe that I got from Wendyl Nissen’s A home companion. This bath is my solution to pretty much everything; if you’re having a poopy day, if you have sore muscles or just want to relax. So when I wanted to make a gift in a hurry what better to make than circulation bath? 

All you need is some epson salts; you can buy these cheaply at a bulk food or health store and any essential oil of your choice. Normally I just keep the epson salts in the bathroom and add a handful to the bath when the water is running then I add 15 drops of lavender oil (I do love the smell of lavender).
To make this into a wonderful gift just fill a jar with epson salts and add some essential oil of your choice. Tie a ribbon around the jar and add a tag. This makes a fantastic wonderful gift. 
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