Christmas organisation

I was reading iheart organizing the other day (Jen’s like the queen of organising your life! I need all the inspiration I can get!) she did a fantastic post on storing your Christmas treasures. I’d been thinking of ways to store our Christmas things as they were in three cardboard boxes that got a little tattier every year and were a pain to store and get down from the attic. So thanks to Jen I now had an action plan so off to the warehouse to buy two 60L plastic containers. 
As I took everything off the tree I sorted it into piles of things to keep and things to get rid of. We had a whole heap of decorations that we didn’t even use so they are in the to get rid of pile. I took everything that wasn’t breakable out of their boxes and put these in plastic zip lock bags. This saved heaps of space! The breakables went back in their boxes or other boxes to protect them. I’d really love some pretty storage boxes for the breakables but at $59 each I’m most certainly not buying them! I got all our decorations into two see through plastic boxes that stack neatly on top of each other and so can easily be stored till next year. I like that everything is now neat, tidy and protect till next holiday session. Will make unpacking them next session a dream. 

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