Chirashi Zushi

We had left over sushi supplies from John’s birthday dinner (how many 3 year olds would ask for sushi as their birthday dinner? cute) and I couldn’t be bothered making sushi so I put it all in a bowl and called it sushi salad or chirashi zushi as it’s called in Japan.

sushi_homemade_nzTo make chirashi zushi:

2 cups medium grain rice (if using a rice cooker add 2¼ cups water)
1½tsp rice vinegar
1½tsp sugar
2 nori sheets cut into pieces
fillings of your choice; we had omelet, soy “meat”, cucumber, carrot, avocado
4Tsps sesame seeds
soy sauce for flavouring
Heat rice vinegar and sugar until they dissolve.
Once the rice is cooked mix through the vinegar/ sugar mixture.
Put all the ingredients into a bowl stir through sesame seeds and soy sauce.
Enjoy. Was so super yummy and such a quick healthy meal.
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