Children’s chores?

I believe children are a part of a family and that the are not THE family. I was brought up that us children come along with what the family was doing and that the world didn’t revolve around us. I think this built us to be strong adults with a healthy respect for other people and their lives who do not believe we are the center of the universe. So my boys are bought up to be a part of our family and the family does not revolve around the boys. Don’t get me wrong I love my boys and their option is taken into consideration and we do do things as a family and stuff for the boys and things they want to do but I’m getting off topic.


John loved having his photo taken doing one of his chores

Since the boys are part of the family this means we aren’t their slaves and they have chores like everyone else. Well John has chores Gabriel is too young at the moment but when he’s older he will have jobs too. So what are John chores and does he always do them?

John is expected (heavy emphasis on the expected) to open his curtains and make his bed. It’s so cute watching a three year old make a single bed while they are sitting on it. He does a pretty good job too. John is expected to put his dirty laundry in the washing basket. Once John has finished eating he is expected to put his dirty dishes on the kitchen bench and push his chair in.

He is expected to tidy his toys and only have one toy out at a time. This has been a rule since he was very young and I’ll start this with Gabriel when he’s a little older. The expectation is that when John has finished playing with a toy it is put away before getting out another toy.

John is three years old and so is expected to a part of the family and do his share of chores. I must add these are expectations and therefore these things don’t always happen.Sometimes John needs reminding but in the hope these will become normal behaviours. As he gets older and masters chores new jobs are added to his repertoire. There are also times when John completely forgets or can’t do his chores but that’s ok too as we all have days when we’re tired and can’t cope.There’s always tomorrow. Do your children have chores to do? If so what are they?

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