Chicken water feeder

All animals need access to clean drinking water at all times and chooks are no different. My big girls will go through about 5 litres in about a week quicker if it’s really hot. In the beginning I used an ice cream container but I soon got tired of filling this every few days.chicken_water_drinkerI soon stepped up my game to reusing one of the many five litre bottles I have from buying white vinegar in bulk (I must so go to bin inn!).

I put the bottle on it’s side; got out a sharp knife and cut out a large square. I’m pretty sure I got this idea from Janet Luke.

I scrub the bottle out with hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush (I have a special one for the chooks that has a big C on it) before filling it with fresh water.

I fill the bottle with fresh water about once a week (or more if it’s needed) I also add a clove of garlic (sometimes I crush it and sometimes I just smash it with a knife) plus 3 cap fulls of apple cider vinegar. The garlic and apple cider vinegar are to help keep worms at bay and to help keep the water cleaner for longer.

Place the water in a place the girls can get access to at all times.

chicken_water_drinkerI love watching chickens drink they are so funny!!!

No need to waste money on expensive water feeders that are all made of plastic anyway just make your own from items around your home. I wish it was metal but I’m not buying one so this will do and at least it’s reusing a waste product. How do you supply water to your chooks?


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