Chicken herb garden

Chooks like to eat fresh greens there are no surprises there!!! Therefore I thought I would give them their very own herb garden to eat from. I figure they will “medicate” themselves as they need to. I had several old cinder blocks lying around that I keep thinking I would use as little gardens, I decided they would be perfect to frame the chicken coop. There is a lot of information out there about what herbs are beneficial for chickens. I chose to add herbs that I already had around the garden so I didn’t need to buy anything.
I planted: 
Oregano; good for fighting coccidia, salmonella, infectious bronchitis avain flu, blackhead and e-coli.
Lavender; stress reliever, increases blood circulation and is an insecticide.
Mintinsecticide and rodent repellent.
Calendula; laying stimulate and can add colour to the egg yolk.
Borage; high in vitamin A, C and calcium. 
Tansy and nasturtiums; parasite prevention.
Comfrey; rich in calcium, phosphorous, potassium, iron and copper. 
Lemon balm; anti-viral and anti-bacterial. May be a rodent repellent.
Most of this plant information comes from the Lifestyle Block’s How to care for your poultry vol 2 (a fantastic resource book that everyone who has or wants chickens should own!). 
So far only Chive (she just loves the herbs! and is so funny to watch as she tries to put her head through the wire to get to the herbs) and Nero are eating  the herbs but I’m sure the other girls will eat them as they need.  

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