Chicken coop

I love our new chicken coop and hen house. It all looks rather flash and best of all we loads of recycled products. We had access to some old dog runs that we spent a day removing and digging out. We also bought a super cute hen house off trade me that appears to be easy to clean and meant Mr Ecochick didn’t have to make a home for the girls. We stained the hen house to make it last longer and look more personal.

chicken_coop_reuseMr Ecochick banged the steel frame of one of the dog runs into the ground. The run is 3.9m long by 1.4m wide and 1.5m high. Mr Ecochick built a frame out recycle timber for the hen house to sit on so it would be off the ground and also so one certain little baby couldn’t get to the chooks so easily! I also stained this (and a large part of my skin! hehe).
We used the wire from the dog runs to give sides to the coop plus to go around the back of the hen house. We added recycled corrugated iron for the roof at a slight angle so the rain will run off the roof into the guttering to keep the rain off the chooks. We plan to added a rainwater collection tank of some type to the down pipe.

chicken_coop_reuseWe reused the door from the front of the dog run and attached the hen house to the run with chicken wire. Giving the chooks an extra metre to play in. Mr Ecochick made a “step” for the chooks to use to get up and down into the hen house though at the moment they are sleeping in a group by the gate. I guess they are too little to roost (they are only 6-8 weeks old). We’re so super happy with our new coop and the chooks seem to be loving it. We used plenty of recycled material and spent less than $400 on their new home.

chicken_coop_reuseI just love it!!! I’m loving watching my birds do their thing. I love that I can see them from my kitchen window. I just love that we’re one step closed to self sufficiency. Actually the girls will only be in here if I’m not home. The rest of the time they will be free range. They take themselves to bed at night and get up and run around the yard during the day.

chicken_coop_reuseI love having chooks. Do you have chickens too? What do you house them in.


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