Cheats pompoms

My mother in law does lots of lovely knitting for my boys. People often stop me in shops and ask who made the items. John just go some new slippers for him and Lala (his special tiger friend) which had pompoms on them she shared with me how easy they are to make.
For these small pompoms you’ll need 10 metres of wool. Leave a “tail”of about 10 cms of wool then wrap the rest of the wool tightly around your fingers.
When you’ve wrapped all the wool around your finger cut another piece about 20cm long and use this plus the tail to wrap around the centre of your pompom and tie several knots in the centre of your wool wrap. Make sure your knots are really tight otherwise your pompom will come undone. John loved playing with one of the ready made pompoms and pretended to make a pompom as well. He insisted I took photos of him as well. So cute. 
Cut both sides of your wool wrap. Fluff up the pompom. You might need to give it a hair cut so all the bits are the same length and cut off any tails.
Once finished sew the pompoms onto whatever you want to decorate. John is so super proud of his and Lala’s new matching slippers. Aren’t they cute!  Thanks grandma.
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