Chalk gift labels

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had not one but two wonderful Christmas days where we all got very spoilt! Over the next week or so I’ll write some tutorials for the Christmas gifts I made everyone. I had so much fun making most of my own gifts this year I do so love making and receiving home made gifts. My very talented sister in law made us some amazing gifts; I got two beautiful headbands that I’ve been wearing ever since, she made John a super cute pillow with his name and an aeroplane on it and a cute apron. 


Once all my gifts were made I wanted to wrap them up as I still think that presents should be wrapped so that they are a surprise. In the past I’ve used scarves to wrap gifts or I’ve made my own cloth wrapping paper. This Christmas I wrapped all my gifts in old scarves that mum no longer needed, scarves I had and also some fabric off cuts. Then I tied these together with ribbon I had lying around.
For labels I intended to use some of the chalk cloth I had left over from my niece’s  birthday gift and sew some pretty fabric around them and add a tag but this just didn’t happen. So I cut the chalk cloth into pieces and hole punched one side then threaded some ribbon through the hole. I used chalk to write on everyone’s names and now have reusable chalk labels.


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