Calendula coconut cream


I found this super easy and amazing recipe on creative Christian mama. All you need is coconut oil and calendula petals. I cheated and bought my petals as you need so many flowers to produce this recipe and my garden just wasn’t up to it.


100g coconut oil (this is solid at room temperature)

30g calendula petals

Over a very low heat melt the coconut oil (this happens very quickly so stay near by).

Put the petals into a jar. Pour the coconut oil over the petals. Loosely put the lid on.

calendula_coconut_creamPut a cloth into the bottom of a sauce pan and place the jar on top.

Fill the saucepan with water until it covers the oil/petals.

Keep the pan on a low heat for 2 to 6 hours (depends on how strong you want the infusion).

Do not let the water simmer; the jar should get warm but not hot.

I heated mine for 4 hours as I wanted a relatively strong infusion.


Once you’re satisfied with your infusion pour the oil/petals through a muslin cloth.

Squeeze the cloth to get all the oil out.

Then pour into the jar you want the oil to harden in.


This cream is amazing for any redness, inflammation, pimples, rashes, ouchies, and especially amazing on cracked lips. I love love LOVE the smell of this cream and keep it next to my bed for easy access.

You can use this cream on it’s own or add it to other products I mix it with my bee balm to make my botty balm.


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