Cactus terrarium

I made this terrarium for John and my niece for Christmas. I got the idea from Janet Luke’s Embrace your space.

What you’ll need to make your terrarium

Cactus plant(s)

A large jar with a lid (I used a large olive jar)

Some good quality potting mix

Some small rocks/ stones

Some paint (I used etching primer)

An animal for on top (I used a ceramic chicken but you could use a plastic one and paint it)

Glue (I used araldite glue)

terrarium_make_nz First I put some stones in the bottom of the jar then John put some potting mix on top. Fill the jar about a quarter fill with dirt then patt the dirt down.

I added a thick layer of stones then added another layer of dirt. Pat the dirt down.

I put in the cactus plants then put some stones around the cactus plants.

I painted the lid with two coats of etching primer. Once dry I glued the chicken on top of the lid.

Water the plants only a little then put the lid tightly on the jar.

About once every two to three weeks take off the lid and water the plants then put the lid back on.

Put on a sunny window sill and enjoy.

terrarium_make_nz These make great gifts for kids as they can’t get the lids off. Or wonderful for any sunny windowsill. Just make sure you only put true cacti in the terrarium or the plant will rot. Have fun.


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