Cable tidy up

A while ago I saw a great idea from Storage and glee using toilet paper rolls as cable organisers; so easy, cheap, clever and some great recycling. After I saw this I had started to collect toilet rolls (well put in a bag rather than put in the recycling bin I mean). We have a box under our bed that holds all our cables in one place. 
So one day when I was completely and utterly sick of trying to get some cables for one of our external hard drives I decided it was time to put those toilet rolls to good use. I pulled all the cables out and coiled them up then slipped a toilet roll over the cables. 
Now it’s nice and tidy and so much easier to get things out of the box. If I really wanted to I could even write on the rolls what the cables were but for now I haven’t bothered. 

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5 thoughts on “Cable tidy up

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