Buying in bulk?

A lot of blogs say to save money buy in bulk. I’m not totally convinced this is always the case. I don’t really buy things in bulk as I usually buy whatever brand is on sale. There are a few products that I will buy brand specific but with most other food items I don’t care what brand I buy. Whatever is cheapest really.

One thing I do buy in bulk though is spices. I went to Davis Trading yesterday and bought some new spices. I love Davis Trading they sell so many great products at a fraction of the price of the supermarkets especially imported goods. This definitely saves us money and I’m all about that. 

I’ve found that buying spices in bulk is so much cheaper than buying the spice pots from the supermarket. I do keep the spice pots though and refill them with the bulk spices. The spice pots fit perfectly into my spice rack in the pantry. 

We go through a lot of spices since we cook everything from raw ingredients no premixes or ready made sauces for us. Though I think I may have gone just a little overboard on the huge bag of turmeric I bought. 

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