Bunny day cage

When I got our new bunny (wow she’s a year old now!) I fully intended to have her as a free range bunny but she’s a digger! She dug a huge hole under the fence and has got out a few times. Naughty bunny! Also I guess I just didn’t work with her enough when she was a baby to have her be a free range bunny or maybe she’s just a naughty little waggums. He he. 
So we have a day run for her as well as her normal cage. Her day run made up of bits I picked up from a scrap pile that someone was going to throw out; it’s made from an old fire-guard and a dog cage that I’ve tied together with wire. For a while we didn’t have a cover on the cage but Nijntje jumped out a few times! Impressive! Mum gave me an old roof rack cover she had lying around the garage so this clips onto the cage now. We also put a piece of plywood over the cage to offer some shade as the weather is so super sunny at the moment! Wonderful.
Obviously I always give her extra food and water as well. Now that I have the extra cover over her cage I’ve even left her in the cage while I’ve been out all day. Normally I put her back in her normal cage. I’d love her to have more room so I think she’ll live with the chooks when we get some as I want them to have a huge area. John and I love having a bunny friend. 
Madeleine  x
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