My bugalow

I have been busy planting flowers and plants for the bees and ladybirds but I needed to provide more than just food. I needed a place for them to stay and reproduce and never want to leave. So I made my own bugalow with my own hands.

I first heard about bug houses in Janet Luke’s book (she calls them her bug hilton) actually I wasn’t interest in having a bug house in my garden when I first read about them. Then I thought it was crazy to provide all this food and want to have all these beneficial insects in my garden and not provide a home for them to lay their eggs in and hatch the next generation in my garden!


Here is a close up of my lovely bugalow. I’m rather proud of myself as I (mostly) made it all by myself out of items we had laying around the house.

bugalow_bug_houseI found a piece of timber in the woodpile leftover from one project or another. I got out the trusty old handsaw and cut the timber into four pieces; two long and two short to make a rectangle box.  bugalow_bug_houseI screwed the pieces together into a rectangle box. Plus I added a center piece to support the box plus to split the box into two sections

bugalow_bug_house I also added piece of leftover plywood to act as a backing for the bugalow. I nailed the back on.

Check out my tip on how to nail items without hitting your fingers.

bugalow_bug_houseOnce the box was finished Mr Ecochick found some leftover bits of rimu that he drilled full of holes for me (I mean the bugs of course). We then screwed the rimu bits to the frame for stability.

We then cut up pieces of bamboo poles  then poked the poles into the boxes until they were nice and tight all together and didn’t move about. I also found sticks from around the house and poked them in too. mum gave me some pinecones and seed pods to add to my bugalow. Like lots of little houses for lots of little friendly garden helpers.

bugalow_bug_house Here’s my finished bugalow! We secured the house it to the fence in the shade on top of a concert post so it’ll be nice and secure. I love looking at the bugalow and at all it’s little houses. There are already occupants in there; I think it might be a wasp of some type? Anyone know? I understand I have no control over who occupies my bugalow but I really hope leafcutter bee and ladybirds stop by and lay some eggs.

Do you have a bugalow at your place? have you thought about having one?

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