Breast and/ or bottle

Breast is best. It’s kind of like a nation wide slogan more like a chant really. You see it printed on everything from websites to formula and said by everyone from antenatal classes to the plunket nurse. What I REALLY hate is the immense pressure put on new mums to breastfeed. There is so much pressure that mums who aren’t able to for whatever reason feel like total failures. It makes me so cross.

Loving moment
I’ve been breastfeeding John since he was born. We were lucky we had no problems in that department, however, loads of ladies I know had issues. They got really stressed and upset with the pressure put on them to “perform”. Like having a new baby to care for isn’t stressful and emotional enough. There is loads of support around learning how to breastfeed and continuing breastfeeding I feel that there needs to be a lot more information and support for woman who can’t.  
Last week John cried a lot as he was so hungry it seems my milk supply has started to dry up and so now John gets a bottle as well as breast milk. It really doesn’t worry me, he’s now 3 months old and truth be told I never really enjoyed breastfeeding. I do it as it’s free, easy and no equipment needed. So now I breastfeed first and if (now more often) John’s still hungry he gets a bottle as well. It’s nice that Mr Ecochick can also feed John now and he just loves that. John loves his bottle he gets so super excited when he sees it. I think I prefer giving the bottle and now that this cow seems to be dry I guess that boat has sailed.
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